Mary L. Cahill - Vice President of Investments and Chief Investment Officer

Leads a team of skilled investment managers in achieving top asset performance to support Emory's long tradition of excellence.

An Investment Philosophy with Proven Results

Emory Investment Management is responsible for the asset allocation, investment management, and oversight of the more than $7 billion portfolio of diversified investments owned by Emory University and Emory Healthcare, along with their associated retirement plans and affiliated entities. Our leading-edge strategies produce superior long-term investment results, positioning the portfolio in a way that maintains purchasing power after spending and inflation, generates growth via generous returns, and enables Emory to be a commanding global university attracting top-flight students and faculty alike.

Letter from the CIO

I am pleased to report that Emory University┬┐s Managed Funds generated an investment return of 18.2 percent, net of all fees, for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2014, adding close to $1 billion in value to the portfolio